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Welcome to Soul Vegetarian Cafe Kenya

Soul Veg is a sweet little hole-in-the-wall restaurant, creating daily menus based on different themes and occasionally hosting special dinner events. It is run by Master chef Daniella. Because Daniella is vegetarian, the menu always includes creative and delicious vegetarian options, along with meat versions of main dishes . Think Vietnamese, Mexican, or Malaysian, all of which can be challenging cravings to satisfy in the city. Ingredients are organic and homegrown whenever possible and everything is delicious.

Soul Veg is a Modern and trendy Urban Eatery, There’s always a good atmosphere here,

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The Soul Vegetarian Restaurant chain is unique in that it was the first in the city to operate “mobile food trailers” as a permanent part of the restaurant chain’s business. To give some background, Soul Vegetarian Restaurant on wheels began back in 1995 as an idea of Prince Rahm Ben Yehudah, and made its initial appearance in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta Georgia. During the Olympic Games, the Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem and partners successfully operated three food trailers and served multitudes of people. T

Then in October of 1997, after learning that Prince Rahm was offering two of the food trailers for sale on behalf of the Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, the young saints of the Tallahassee, Florida Jurisdiction of the Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem purchased one of the food trailers and began operating on Florida A&M University’s campus. Over the years, many saints, volunteers, friends and family have joined the team and are an integral part of our operation.


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